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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Re-Hire Deputy Jerrod Dooley of Rains County, Texas!

This cop is a coward because he refused to let a dog eat him. I don't understand, either.
The Rains County Sheriff's deputy who shot a dog after responding to a burglary call on Friday has been fired. DETAILS HERE:
by Richard Reynolds

April 27, 2014 Sunday

Becky Seeley Limbaugh Richard Reynolds the bullet exited her face. Read the necropsy report. That would not have happened from a shot from the top or front.

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Richard Reynolds Becky Seely Limbaugh, I've already answered this several times. Bullet trajectories are not straight lines, despite what you might have seen on CSI or Quincey, M.E. Bullet trajectories are... well known for being changed due to impact with flesh, muscle, and bone. A bullet fired into a paper target is one thing (even wind can factor into a bullet's trajectory); a bullet fired into a skull is another. I suggest you take a degree in bullet ballistics, as well as your Ph.D. in dog necropsy.

The above exchange was in reference to a dog-killing by former Deputy Jerrod Dooley of Rains County, Texas, who was fired after the Rains County sheriff stated that there was so much controversy surrounding the unfortunate event and, for the safety of Dooley and the department, the firing was necessary.  There is Dooley's patrol dashcam video that shows part of the event, but an incredibly large facebook lynch mob has developed and continues to post vitriolic comments calling for Dooley to suffer the animal-loving wrath of God and Justice and Interminable Vengeance.  Apparently, they believe that Dooley -- who was responding to a burglary call when he was approached by the excited canine, named Candy, and shot it -- is a murderous dog-killer who destroyed the dog out of cowardice and/or maliciousness.
More examples of the lynch mob's comments (and some of my sarcastic responses):

Billie Hill The dogs tail was wagging....the officer CALLED THE DOG FROM THE BACK OF THE TRUCK! The officer showed no remorse on the video!! The office admittedly was skittish because of a prior attack...he overreacted. ..he shot an innocent dog and drove off with it yelping in horrible PLEASE go play with your sea monkeys!!!!!!

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Richard Reynolds No ...... my Sea Monkeys are busy attacking FBI agents because I don't have them on leashes. Where did you hear the officer "CALLED THE DOG FROM THE BACK OF THE TRUCK"? The deputy drove away because he didn't have backup there yet and the owner was shouting and upset (understandably), and officers are trained to wait for backup in potentially escalating dangerous situations. The officer didn't fire a coup-de-grace shot into the dog because he probably thought there was a possibility a vet could have saved it (the dog is clearly heard yelping after the murderous headshot). You people are just a lynch mob, and some of you are probably some of the people who the sheriff said were calling in threats to shoot the deputy in the back of the head. I'm not going away to play with my savage Sea Monkeys, Billie. I'm here for the duration. When unfair lynch mobs gather on facebook to dispense their brand of ignorant justice, I ride like a Lone Ranger of Infinite Wisdom and Sarcasm into the Breach, annoying all those loyal to the mindless mob mentality of judgmental vengeance and ignorant self-righteousness. Get used to my Sea Monkey-wrangling company, Billie. That's all I can tell you to do (until your next comment). Good luck with your witch-burnings.

Billie Hill Oh yes and one more thing before I "retire for the evening" I mentioned about people who OMIT parts of the story...the sheriff ALSO stated that he would not rehire Dooley regardless of the outcome of the investigation. ...are you also aware sir that Dooley already had several complaints filed against him before the dog shooting? Hmm

  • Richard Reynolds What were the complaints and what were the outcomes of the complaints? Cops get complaints when they give out a speeding ticket. That's a vague type of character assassination. Did you hear he also practiced black magic or voodoo?
Billie Hill, of course, did not "retire for the evening."  She went on commenting, appalled that I would dare respond to her inane analysis of the "murder" of Candy the dog (they refer to her as Candy Middleton -- apparently dogs take the surnames of their owners).
It isn't enough that former Deputy Dooley feels terrible the event occurred and that he has lost his career, the facebook lynch mob wants him to suffer eternally ... because he should have had the bravery and sense to let an unleashed, unrestrained dog potentially maul him.  "The dog was only 30 POUNDS!" the lynch mob keeps saying, not understanding that a dog's weight has nothing to do with its ability to use its powerful jaws to bite the shit out of you and rip your scrotum open.

Barney Dinosaur, who I suspect is the alias of Billie Hill, has commented on this blog that he or she feels that THE DOOMED STUFFING is garbage and I need to get another hobby.  Whatever hobby I decided upon, I'll still write THE DOOMED STUFFING, and I'll still defend people against lynch mobs on facebook.
Fuck you, lynch mobs ... with no due respect.



  1. You really need to research the other com0laints....I'm sure you can find out if you really wanted to. The only reason he showed any so called remorse is because he didn't get away with anything like he thought he should!! Crocodile Tears on cue mean nothing. the comments all the way through, and you will find the lady who along with 2 other women had complaints against this same officer....or that's what the comment stated, I should say. What a sad situation. must have very pitiful existence to be so hateful when you don't have or either choose to ignore the facts. I am assuming you don't live in Rains County, nor are you from there originally. .....if so, you would have a different attitude towards this situation. I see you only have 3 members. ...yourself and 2 you added yourself. ...pathetic! !!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Anita, these "complaints," are they official? How do I find these "complaints" by these women? Usually official complaints against police officials and deputies are part of their employment record, and there's no way for me to have access to them. What you have access to are called "stories" or "rumors" or "anecdotes." I'm not ignoring facts; you're just presenting none for me to rebutt. You call me "hateful," but then accuse me of having a "pitiful existence." And being in the minority isn't something I have anything to be ashamed about, Anita. But I appreciate your concern and thank you for reading this blog and giving me your non-hateful input (like when you say, "pathetic! !!" so lovingly. Let me know if you guys in Rains County start using the scarlet A or when you lynch another deputy who has to defend himself against one of your unrestrained mutts. Sincerely and with much love, Richard Reynolds

  2. The dog is a "Cow Dog", which means it can catch and hold a cow and bay them. A Cow or Bully weighs anywhere from 1000 lbs to one ton. this deputy is far from that. Yous can see the dog barking aggressively at the deputy in the video. So, the bullet hit the dig in the back of the head instead of between the eyes. Have hunted dogs all my life, Bay Dogs. Dogs the Bay "Hog Dogs"/ "Cow Dogs" bay their prey, whether it be a Hog/ Cow/ Deputy in an aggressive manner. They do whirl around while doing so. Any dog handler knows this. The Deputy, should never have been charged with an offense. Clearly this is a reaction of elected officials to appease their constituents. How, would you feel if you were charged,"As the video shows" by an aggressive barking, "Bay Dog", snarling with teeth and fangs ready to bite. Does a police officer have to be bitten, shot, stabbed or beaten before defending himself? All those who want to quarterback sideline, "You weren't there". "You don't know what you would have done if you were in his shoes at the time". This criminal lawsuit is a waste of taxpayers money. The Deputy will be cleared of charges, as his attorney will prove that he reacted in fear of his life and safety. The DA and State must prove otherwise. I don't think so.

    1. Well said, Anonymous. He shouldn't have been fired and only WAS fired because the sheriff said he received death threats and their department couldn't conduct business as usual because of the lynch mob phone-callers.

  3. Let”s talk about the “cute” little dog’s heritage or research it on your own. Fact: Australian Cattle dogs or otherwise known as the Blue Heelers evolved from cross breeding the “Dingo”, the largest terrestrial predator in Australia, with Highland Collies to herd cattle and then crossing the young back to the “Dingo” again. Blue Heelers are one of the worst dogs, recorded to bite people. Blue Heelers have been bred to herd and to do so with force, by biting. Fact: It is their instinct and nature to nip and bite. Without cattle to herd most will find other things to herd, your cats, toys, your kids, neighbors. Part of this desire to herd comes from a strong prey drive, from genetics of the Dingo. The instinct to bite also means that these dogs are very oral, that is they use their mouths constantly.
    Blue Heelers are very protective and territorial. One must remember the owner or “Handler” of this Australian Cattle Dog was not present to control the behavior of this animal. The video shows the dog in territorial/protective mode and leaped out of the truck and charged at its prey, “The Deputy” on the property.