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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Giant Boar Hoax ... Again!

As of 12:00 PM, March 13, 2014, there are approximately 5,000 facebook "likes" and 2400 "shares" for a totally bullshit story on CBS News' facebook page -- a bullshit story that is a common internet hoax called, among other things, "Pigzilla," "Hogzilla," and "Monster Pig."  CBS News ran a story that a 500 pound wild boar was killed by a hunter in North Carolina (and before anyone starts arguing, let me freely admit I'm not a zoologist and I have very little to no knowledge about wild boar).  The photo CBS News is displaying is a faked Photoshop-worked picture of a hunter behind a behemoth wild boar with its head and snout posed impossibly upwards; it is such a ridiculous photo and story -- primarily because anyone who has doctored photographs with Photoshop knows that you can alter photographs pretty much any way you desire, as well as the fact that whenever bullshit stories like these hit the internet viral merry-go-'round there is almost never a video ... it's always a photo.  In this case the photo is so poorly doctored that it boggles my mind that CBS fell for this bullshit.  I don't even know that CBS News fell for it, because CBS News has run with a story that was exactly the same in 2007 and which was later scientifically proven to be a hoaxed photograph.  The photograph in the 2007 bullshit story was at least a better photograph, even though it was done by a photographic perceptual-illusion technique (commonly referred to as "trick photography") and not Photoshop, with an 11-year-old boy posed behind his giant boar.

Even more amazing to me than the fact that CBS News ran with this bullshit story is the fact that it got 5,000 "likes" and 2400 "shares" (and counting).  People almost unanimously believe this bullshit story without questioning its obvious lack of validity.  There could be a thousand episodes done on this subject on "Mythbusters," and people would still dispute it.

We want to believe it.  It's a fucking giant pig!  Why would someone be such an asshole that he would try to kill this giant pig of a Santa Claus myth?  Because it is my dream as a total skeptical dick to destroy people's blithely stupid faith in things that are magical.  I'm not talking about people's spiritual beliefs and denigrating them as moronic, as Bill Maher tends to do ... I'm an atheist, but I like the fact that people of different cultures have some kind of moral or ethical magical beliefs in which they want to put their faith ... otherwise they might attempt to murder me and eat me for dinner for being such an atheist asshole.  But urban legends piss me the fuck off.  Blindly insisting upon the veracity of unproven, specious, moronic hoaxes -- and perpetuating them through the media of our cultures -- has no intrinsic moral or ethical value.  It's disinformation ... and there's too much disinformation without propping up Photoshop hoaxes like giant boars and Bigfoots.  Or is it Bigfeet?  I've never been able to figure out the plural of Bigfoot.  Maybe it's Bigfoots.  Fuck it -- no matter what the plural form is ... it's total bullshit.

Good night, and good luck, sheeple.

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