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Friday, March 2, 2012

Swallow, Facegoogle!

Google and Facebook are my friends.  They provide me with access to a bunch of free stuff.  I can blog, I can chat, I can -- and I just found this out -- engage in another form of chatting that is called "IM" or "Instant Messaging" (I am very old and semi-senile and internet-unedumicated).  Google and Facebook are fantastic.

And evil.

I want to stress that Google and Facebook are so evil that they are sending forth their evil minions to defend their incessant invasions against our dwindling ability to protect our privacy.  Google and Facebook will tell you that they have a very "open" privacy policy, one that is not hidden behind a bunch of gobbledeegook language twenty-five-pages long, that tells its non-paying customers nothing.  Now they both have a privacy policy that is still gobbledegook, but it's not as long and it's heavy on kisses and strokes that try to obfuscate the fact that they are out to squeeze every bit of information they can from us, and they are more than willing to give that information to whomever they deem to be proper to receive that personal information.

Evil, I say.  They don't want the government to protect our privacy, because our privacy means big bucks to them.  Huge bucks.  Gargantuan bucks.  I'm just about out of superlatives to describe the bucks that our privacy will bring to Google and Facebook.  And for that, we get free chatting and blogging and "the service of advertising."  The "service" that these two evil minions are bringing to us through advertising is that the price we pay for free blogging and free chatting is the "service" of stealing our privacy.  We have no stake whatsoever in Google and Facebook's advertising, but we're the ones who make it possible for Google and Facebook to make those big, huge, gargantuan bucks in the first place.

So when you hear one of these cunts from Facefuck or Gigglefuck on TV telling you that they are providing a free service to you, be sure to call up whatever TV show their on (or just Facebook them), and tell them that you're on to their evil.  You're not an idiot who believes everything.  Trust me, you're not.  (Or are you?)

Meanwhile, Google and Facebook, suck on my big, huge, gargantuan blog ... and swallow!


  1. Well said....been lookin for your input in numerous blogs...we probably would not have a agreed(though I accepted I was...ummm...partially.ummm..wrong.. on Breitburt's story) Anyway...this is no secret...and cookies get left in your internet explorer temp file for companies to view when you go online so they have a better idea of where to my opinion but hey..

    Given the government's now watching our every move anyway, what does it really matter? The word "sick" is on the FBI's list of keywords that will trigger red flags when used on social media sites....and allow them to acccess all your personal information to make sure you aren't a terrorist. Which means, sorry, but they may very well be looking at this blog right now...(oops) :)

  2. Yeah, I know there are cookies, Jay ... but these internet "start-ups" no longer just have cookies. They gather information about your whereabouts, then automatically let advertisers know this through their software. They know if you've bought condoms, so they'll advertise condoms. They will give information to anyone they deem fitting. Privacy should be owned by the individual, and not owned by Google or Facebook. I don't really know much about the Breitbart story. And it doesn't personally worry me, either, that they know when I fart or when I jerk my monkey ... but it SHOULD bother me. And it SHOULD bother everyone.

  3. P.S. Good hearing from you again, Jay.

    1. Actually, it does bother me...tend to ignore it as we all do many of the infringements upon our rights and "freedoms" in this country now. There's is plenty we could do...but to do it we we need to stand up in masses and, many just don't care enough...or believe, as I do, that not enough care to make a change!

  4. Good spotting, Jay. There's plenty, not THERE'S IS PLENTY.

  5. Oh, I thought that was MY reply. I wasn't trying to correct you, Jay. I'm only school-marmy with my own spelling and grammar. I think people care enough to make a change; I just think most people are at a loss as to HOW to make a change.