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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"Belligerent Populations": Are They in Africa or on the CDC's Facebook Page?

November 11, 2014, Tuesday
2:05 PM Central Time

Michael Giordano, a crusader for CDC-bashing panic commenting on the CDC's Facebook page, states:  "[T]he HIV morbidity and mortality rate in Africa represents 60% of all cases world wide. Evidence that it is out of control, therefore, efforts to contain it have failed. Expect the same failure with ebola. I did not place the blame for aids in Africa on the CDC, rather I placed it squarely on a belligerent population. you have a reading comprehension problem and are wrong most of the time. you are politicizing ebola in order to save your dear leader 0bama who is at 39% approval by the way. It is highly unlikely ebola will be contained in hot zones because the population refuses to follow containment protocols. also president Bush and many other leaders gave and still give massive amounts of aid to africa annually. you are ill informed, and very vociferous in displaying your ignorance."

Yes, of course he placed the blame for AIDS in Africa on the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control, to wit:

"[T]he CDC, The [sic] WHO and others have been unsuccessful in containing HIV in Africa which has 60% of all cases world wide. to contain an infectious disease you need to change behaviors. Since the population in these hot zones have deeply felt cultural beliefs centuries old, it is practically impossible to change certain behaviors that spread contagious diseases. Most of the population is resentful that developed nations endeavor to change cultural practices. Its a form of ethnocentrism to do so."

While it is undoubtedly true that Africa is plagued by many things, including a poor educational system, poverty, and superstition, it is also undeniable that America, and the entire world -- especially as evidenced by commenters on Facebook -- are not immune from having an inadequate education, poverty, and superstition.  Calling people in third-world nations "belligerent" populations because they lack many of the things we in the Western world commonly and ignorantly take for granted is not just insensitive; it's downright racist.  Racist, Michael.  Quit reading Breitbart.  Breitbart is not an accurate source of information concerning "belligerent" populations.  It's an accurate source of racism.  So is Fox News.

Please stop being racist on Facebook, Michael.  I know you'll say you're not and that I'm just playing "the race card," but that's what everyone says when they say something horribly racist and then want people to think anyone who points out that they're totally racist is being politically correct by pointing out their horrible racism.  People in Africa are just people, Michael.  They need help, and not vilification.  They are not "belligerent," Michael.  They are suffering.  You're not doing anything to help their suffering.  You're stigmatizing them and denigrating their culture, which might not be as advanced as a modern culture that tries desperately to create panic on the internet and on the CDC's Facebook page, but at least those less advanced cultures aren't trying to create panic and espousing hatred on the CDC's Facebook page.  Try to learn from their advanced example of persistence in a very difficult time in a very difficult landscape while they're dealing with a very difficult disease outbreak.  Ebola isn't Africa's fault, Michael -- no more than American diseases are Americans' fault.  Quit blaming diseases on institutions that are trying to fight them and quit blaming Africans for suffering from terrible diseases.  Be a decent human being.  I have faith in you, Michael.  You can do it if you try.

Think about it.  Let me know if you make any progress.  If you don't make any progress, keep practicing with this free invisible blue velvet kite I've given you.


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