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Monday, March 31, 2014

Climate of the Ape-Man

(Image source: Global Warming Education Network on facebook)

March 31, 2014
By Richard Reynolds

People generally don't believe in global warming or the fact that it is a man-made phenomenon caused by excessive accumulation of greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere.  The reasons they don't believe it are many, but the reasons all boil down to the kind of mythology that has plagued mankind since the first ape-like human looked up at the sun and thought, "There's a hole in the sky," or whatever unsupported ignorant theory he came up with to explain our solar star's existence.  The good news is that eventually someone along the way thought, "Hey, ape-like human, that really doesn't make sense to me.  What are your facts to support this dubious hypothesis of yours?"  To which the ape-like human replied, "Sky ... hole ... fire burn."  The ape-like human's skeptical opponent must have retorted with something like, "Jesus, you gullible fucker, there's absolutely no way I'm going to believe your bullshit without some facts to back it up!"  Needless to say, the ape-like human couldn't come up with anything other than a few monosyllabic grunts ... and then the ape-like human raped the skeptical opponent to death with a splintery stick for daring to challenge his intellectual assessment of the sky-hole.  "Sky-hole now in your ass!" the ape-like human growled at the dead proto-scientist with the bleeding asshole.

This is how the global warming-denying cult reacts to all efforts at objective scientific inquiry.  They say things like, "It's all a conspiracy by the Obama government and other faggot liberals to raise our taxes!"  (To them, the purpose of all objective scientists is to espouse crackpot theories like global warming and climate change to get the deniers' taxes raised ... even though doing this would obviously raise the taxes of the objective scientists as well).

It doesn't matter to global warming-deniers that all the governmental scientific agencies of all the civilized world now agree that global warming and climate change caused by the accumulation, man-made, of greenhouse gases is real, verified by the scientific method of experimentation, skepticism, and re-evaluation.  Science can and does get things wrong.  Scientists love -- absolutely fucking love to prove other scientists wrong; they just need proof to prove other scientists wrong.  When they don't have verifiable proof to prove other scientists wrong, they re-evaluate their own hypotheses and challenges to the work of other scientists, and most often they come to the conclusion that the majority of scientists' work is verifiable through prediction, experimentation, and re-evaluation.

Myth-lovers don't seem to know or to want to know that scientists want to prove one another wrong.  They think scientists get together in some gigantic government conspiracy office building and commit mysterious Satanic rituals and copulate devilishly upon beakers and test-tubes, eating babies and coming up with crazy ideas like the Earth is round, not flat, the world revolves around the Sun and the other planets also revolve around the Sun, and the Earth is not the center of the universe, nor even is it the center of our solar system.

And the Sun is not a hole in the sky.  The ape-like human should not have anally murdered his skeptical opponent.  He should have listened to him, maybe debated with him, then maybe re-evaluated his hole-in-the-sky bullshit hypothesis.  Alas, the ape-like human went forth and procreated, raising the offspring he sired by raping numerous ape-like human women who either had low standards in ape-like human men or simply couldn't outrun them.  The offspring went forth, believing their father's bullshit theory of the hole in the sky, never knowing the counter-argument of their father's anally-murdered opponent, who never had the chance to come up with what more likely would have been a better theory about what the Sun was.

Science cannot progress to the exclusion of the non-believing masses.  Science must engage the ignorant with an undaunted ferocity by consistently -- even incessantly -- supplying the non-believing ape-like humans with knowledge that may eventually supplant the ape-like humans' bullshit theories.  There still exist people who may very well have enormous, unfulfilled intellectual capabilities ... yet they, through their ignorance, continue to deny the obvious, the proven, and to propagate unsupported theories without ever doubting or testing their false beliefs.

Climate scientists overwhelmingly agree that global warming is real and its primary cause is man-made CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases, an unprecedented increase that began with the Industrial Revolution.  Scientists who specialize in other fields -- astronomy, cosmology, Earth sciences -- have looked at the data and decades upon decades of research and study and analyses, and they overwhelmingly conclude that the work of climatologists in the solid theory of climate change and global warming is generally indisputable.  Remember, all these scientists are competitive little motherfuckers who want desperately to prove their cohorts in science wrong so they can get credit for being right.  But they had to go the other way and, eventually, because all the science points to no other reasonable conclusion, they had to admit that the climate scientists are right.

The difference between the ape-like human and the reluctant, skeptical scientific opponents of the global-warming scientists is that they didn't anally murder their skeptical opponent when they couldn't come up with a reason anymore to deny the global warming theory.

Science is a search for truth.  Scientific consensus is a way of determining truth.  Politics does not determine truth, mythology does not determine truth, fantasy does not determine truth, and religion does not determine truth.  Facts, supported by more facts, determine the validity of a theory.

Put the rape-stick away, people.

(Here are some sources that people might very well find more reputable on this subject than breitbart dot com and Fox News):

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