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Monday, March 17, 2014

The Koch Bros.: America's Kings

{Photo from Wikipedia, entry for David H. Koch, United States Citizen-King No. 1}

The corporate influence upon the mass media, including news organizations, has become all but complete -- if not completely complete.  One may find signs of this within a few moments of watching any newscast -- local or national -- and America has no more an independent journalistic media than Russia or China.

It's not really necessary to try to prove this, but even leaving out the fact that news telecasts are peppered with egregiously deceptive commercial advertisements which directly market questionable prescription medications to uninformed potential patients for undiagnosed diseases, news telecasts often report on stories that their corporate parent companies and affiliates have strong vested interests in, yet almost never is this disclosed but in passing and never is it explored.  Why explore your own conflict of interest?  If you're in a news organization and you insist on investigating your own parent company, you're likely not going to be in a news organization for very long.

There are exceptions, of course.  PBS programming and CBS has sometimes done pieces on the Koch Brothers' influence on national and statewide elections, but they've never done long pieces investigating their own connections to the Koch Brothers.  (In case anyone doesn't know who the Koch Brothers are, they're a family of uber-wealthy fascists who believe that their money should allow their individual voting power to dictate the votes of others through misinformation, outright lies, and distorted vilifications of all they oppose ... and the United States Supreme Court agrees with their right to do this).  The United States is no longer one man/one woman/one vote; the United States now considers corporations to be individual people.

Cynics would say that money rules America.  The cynics are right.

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