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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

National Abort Your Unwanted Embryo Day!

Today, if you don't know it yet, is the second day after President's Day.  Most people might think it's just another bland Wednesday, and they wonder if "American Idol" or "The Voice" is going to be on -- and should they make a meat loaf for dinner or just commit suicide by drinking Drano.  Don't commit suicide today, people, because I am declaring today National Abort Your Unwanted Embryo Day.

Some of you who might be reading this (if any of you do, especially after I have just declared today National Abort Your Unwanted Embryo Day) might be thinking, "Jesus, that's a horrible holiday for some blogger who doesn't have the slightest authority to declare!"  But think again.

I want all you pro-lifers to get on board with this.  Embrace this holiday.  There needs to be an awareness among you semi-literate hysterics who think pro-choice advocates want babies to die ... and I'm just the sicko blogger to bring that awareness to the forefront of your lobotomized forebrains.  If anyone can do it, I can.

Here are some links to help you celebrate National Abort Your Unwanted Embryo Day:

I think it's important for pro-choice advocates to embrace their confrontational side (Christ knows, those wacko pro-lifers have embraced their confrontational side).  Support these groups, if you can, and when some hick asks you how you'll feel when God punishes you by sending you to Hell for supporting choice and "killing babies," don't go overboard like they do when they shoot doctors for performing safe, legal abortions.  Just kick them in the nuts a few times.  Maybe they won't impregnate so many women whose matured fetuses they won't want to support when they hatch.

Remember, an embryo is just an egg with a sperm cell stuck in it.  You can't even make a good omelet with it.

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