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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

America, the Conformist, of Thee I Sing

படிமம்:Nazi german atrocities.jpg
Nazis demanding conformity during World War II

 In Minnesota a twelve-year-old girl was forced by school officials to give the password to her facebook page under threats of being placed in detention.  The ACLU is fighting the case in court, and no doubt many Americans will scoff at what they view as a frivolous nuisance suit by a left-wing radical organization that just wants to stir up trouble when schools are only trying to protect American children from facebook posts.  To these conformist Americans, I (as per usual, seeing as how I suffer from mild Tourette's disorder caused solely by my enjoyment of rage and profanity) say to those conformist Americans, "Go fuck yourselves."

I don't mean to be rude (yes, I do, but for the deceptive purpose of appearing polite, I thought I'd say that I don't mean to be rude), but this isn't a frivolous lawsuit.  Parents across the nation have long advocated "zero tolerance," which is the intractably stupid policy of treating every transgression among our nation's youth, citizens, and criminals as though it were the sin of Onan.  Onan, if you remember from the Bible classes you sat through without paying attention, was the dude who masturbated and spilled his seed on the ground.  Bad stuff.  Especially if you do it in public.  And especially if you do it in public with some jerk watching who would later put your masturbatory frenzy into the "historical" framework of God's good tales of woe and treachery that we lovingly refer to as "The Good Book."

"Zero Tolerance" means "Zero Thinking."  It has led to the most abysmal withering of our citizens' sense of privacy, of minding their own business, of not reacting to every little seed-spilling, every little piece of spray-painted graffiti as though it were a blood-stain on God.  We are a nation of human beings (as all nations are, despite the efforts of propagandists who exist in every nation to tell their nation that their nation is the best nation on Earth and anyone who doesn't have enough sense to live in the best nation on Earth should probably rot in Hell, along with that foreign fuck of a masturbator Onan), yet we seem to believe that we as a nation are one.  E Pluribis Unum, which either means "Out of many, one" or "Onan spunks on sand" -- I can't recall right now.  The point is, we are not a nation of one.  We are a nation of many.  Many individuals.

My nephew, who's eleven, is in danger of getting detention because he can't seem to keep his shirt tucked in at school, and this is a violation of the school's uniform policy.  It's a public school, supported by a government that is supposed to operate under the U.S. Constitution's respect for individual rights and liberties.  Public schools, and America in general, do not teach respect for individual rights and liberties.  They teach conformity.  I know it's a grotesque stretch, but the Nazis in the above photograph also taught conformity.  The difference is that they did it through the relentless act of shedding innocent human blood.  In America, we force twelve-year olds to give their school officials their facebook passwords, and we force eleven-year olds to keep their shirts tucked in.  The lessons of conformity, I admit, vary greatly by degree:  the Nazis shot their foreigners (and their own citizens) because they did not conform to their ideas of racial purity.  In America, we threaten or punish our non-conformists.  We would never shoot them, though.

Not yet, anyway.

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