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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rush Limbaugh--Vicodin Junkie

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Rush Limbaugh isn't the only symptom of the diseased state of political discourse in our nation.  If you step outside and turn to your neighbor and talk to him about one subject after another, I am quite sure at some point one of you will call the other a slut or a prostitute.  Dan Ackroyd used to make fun of such a character on "Saturday Night Live," when he would turn to Jane Curtain after she had made some reasonable argument on SNL's fake newscast, and he would call her an ignorant slut.  Now we don't have to make fun of that character, because we are that character.

We can't just disagree.  We have to attack.  And everyone's been guilty at one time or another of this transgression into rudeness -- or else you haven't lived long enough.  The problem is that no one seems to be hesitant in the slightest anymore about vilifying someone for believing, say, that a tax increase might not be such a bad idea; or that a tax increase might just be a whopping terrible idea.  Instead of just disagreeing, people nowadays are likely to try to tear the other person down by calling him or her some awful pejorative they wouldn't dare use in front of their mothers.

I disagree with everyone about everything.  Everyone's wrong.  Only I understand the facts completely, and therefore you are all ignorant sluts, whores, prostitutes.  You're hippies!  You're right-wingers!  You're zombies!  You're prostituting zombies sucking on Godzilla's cock!  How's that for political discourse?

It doesn't really make sense -- I'll grant you that.

But just when was American discourse civil?  When we hanged witches in Salem?

(By the way, Rush Limbaugh, you're a fat-ass Vicodin junkie who sleeps with interstate truckers for Oreos.  Fair enough, Rush?  Accept my apology if you're offended.  If not, go fuck yourself ... respectfully.)


  1. Give em hell you Pontificating,Porn-Loving, WangWrestler!!!

  2. Skipper Dick, thank you for you morale-boosting alliterations! Keep to the high seas and don't drink the sea water!