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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Twitter-Twister on This Week with George Snuffleupagus

Why do we care what people think?  I mean, I don't really care -- but you humans sure seem to care an awful lot about what people think.  When I browse the TV "news" on Sundays (the "news" talk shows, that is, that are sandwiched between greedy little hypocritical televangelists who scream and thump their pulpits as though they were transmitting the word of God instead of begging for handouts from senile old people and the terminally gullible), I have noticed that they are now showing scrolling tickers at the bottom of the screen that lets the "news" audience mull over the thoughts of k9beatrice600 @, who says, "Obama is a muslum and he eats Christian babies," or the philosophical musings of bBrandonLovethrust, who says, "God loves Rush Limbaugh, Obama should 2."

People, including me, have a lot of crazy thoughts and ideas that at least occasionally occur to them.  Myself, I sometimes think the CIA has an agent whose job it is to harness my brainwaves with the cathode tube in my television (although -- and I am not sure I'm right about this -- the HD TV I have no longer has cathode ray tubes) and the agent lives inside my television.  Sometimes, I think, he comes out to steal my last roll of toilet paper that I thought I still had, only to discover that the government has conspired once again to make me use pages torn out of old copies of Newsweek from the 1990s.  But these are just random crazy things I'd never want to seriously share with the few people out there who are trying to find out the real news from real news sources.

The internet is a great and unprecedented resource.  We will have to come to terms with all the ramifications of this resource.  I don't think I've come to terms with it yet, because I couldn't give less of a monkey-fuck what either k9beatrice600 or bBrandonLovethrust think.

I have my own delusions with which I must deal on a daily basis.  The news should be about facts, presented by professionals with verified sources that back up those facts.  The news shouldn't come from crazy fucks who like to rant on twitter when they're not ready yet to mark up the chain-link fence outside their home with their own excrement.

I don't blame the crazy fucks for ranting on twitter.  I blame the "news."

And, of course, the CIA.

(To view an anorexic chick almost shooting her face off with a Desert Eagle:    )

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